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About Hobbyist Artist Member Neda "Vuk" Petrov21/Female/Serbia Group :iconslavic-tribe: Slavic-Tribe
Slava for Slavs!
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My oath:
"I honorably swear in the name of my people,
in the name of my ancestors, known and unknown,
and in the name of my beloved ones,
no matter if they are my blood or not,
that I shall bow to NO human throne
and Lord, only Lord and NOBODY but Him
is my the only master, judge and shield
and the One who saved me from eternal damnation.
And I - human being
shall repay His death for my sins with my loyality to Him.



Im here to troll hard and chew gum

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


And I'm all out of gum...






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Reason why I'm not active so much here is Facebook and stuff there. My Facebook buddies knows better. But lemme describe that…

My bro came to idea of creating chainmail armor. I'm not so certain will it ever come to shape, but it's funny to weave it, especially while listening to RPG music. Bro made me and holder for easy weaving and I got some bruises on my hand palms from holding those thongs, but nevermind. <//////>

Second thing is - I'm not sure did I said something about my grandma, but now she turned suddenly ill, like she cannot eat anything, nor she wants to. And she was pretty pale in face and weak, almost fainting while walking. So, we sent her to city hospital (I'm in town) and doctor said that she is having serious problems with guts. He also said that surgery would be neccessary if it goes worse, and that surgery would be 20% successful coz of grandma's age ( about 80 years old ).
My mom was scared and was crying pretty bad, coz it's her mom. And I'm damn scared of seeing my grandma so pale and almost dying. I'm scared of seeing dying people at all, so bad that I felt I was going to faint myself yesterday. Which is kind of ironic for me, I spent tons of hours on shooter games .//_______________________________//.

EDIT: My grandma passed surgery well and she is stable for now. However, it turned out that surgery made her...demented or something. Like, she attempted to rip off stitches from surgery and infusion needles, so doctors have to overwatch her until her stitches are ready for removal. My mom turned crying once again when she saw her, coz she hoped that grandma will recover good .-.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Watching: Alien: Isolation
  • Playing: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - Soulstorm


Neda "Vuk" Petrov
Artist | Hobbyist

Welcome to my profile! It's very nice to meet you all! :salute:

Why my acc have such name? Coz wolf is national animal of my country (Serbia) and for me it's symbol of free spirit, who never bow before enemy, who love Creator more than human fashion. And rebellion is main part of my personality. I hate when people says "God is root of all evil" while politicians feast on our blood and money, destroying Earth for their interests.

Am I "fanatic"? No, I'm not fanatic, they are disgrace to everybody, no matter of what you think. I'm devoted Orthodox coz God saved my family from disasters and my people from extinction...and I owe Him big one. Without Him, we would be lost in this "modern world" madness which promote immorality as "speshul and cool".

Am I aggressive? Yea, like every human on this planet, I also can show emotions, regardless that all time I'm blank-faced. I'm like animal - peaceful until you bite me. Then, I will bite you back.

"u r hooligan n fascizt, nyaaa baww!"
I hate politicians! You may call me hooligan, but for me, it means that I'm not stupid sheep like 90% of humanity, so everyone can shave my head on their own way. I don't need some Obamas, Stalins, Hitlers nor some retarded sects to know who am I! I'm on my own!

I fight against every kind of politics, coz they are main reason why this world is in deep shit. Also, I never judge anybody's nation by politics, coz politicians are nothing but money eaters and blood drinkers. Also I'm pan-Slavic and I consider every Slav as bro/sis.

I'm not here to spam with shit. I'm here to see what's up in world, at least on Internet world, coz I don't trust TV anymore. They are like parrots - speaking and repeating nonsense and propaganda from political retards. And you know - lies become truth if you repeat them for 1000 of times.
Also I'm here to have some fun and to meet some cool artists ^J^

-Serbian girl
-Devoted Orthodox
-Hardcore nationalist and military uniforms lover
-Anime fan (even adults need some fun ^J^)
-RPer of Serbia OC (look @ webcam)
-History fan
-Animal and nature lover
-Werewolf lover
- "-boos" hater
-Mary/Gary Sues and sparkle animals hater
-Metal fan :eyes: (not death metal nor screamo)
-Obsessed gamer
-Egoists and sexists hater
-Russian Hardbass fan
-Expert at removing kebab....from plates ;D
-Russia, Greece, China, Japan and Ancient Egypt fan
-Hardcore politics hater
-Freedom fighter!

I speak and understand:
100% Serbian (feel free to ask me everything you wish to translate in Serbian)
98% English (my grammar may sound broken, coz I still learn it)
60% Russian (similar to Serbian, I almost understand it but I need more learning)

:phew: That's all from me for now.

Serbia mochi avatar by HetaliaMoldova


Wolf Totem Stamp by VampsStock…

Number of people caught by joke link on my signature: 14

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KarlaKataB Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student General Artist
I cannot thank you for the fave or Serbia will own me...?
My, you say that like it's a bad thing ;)
Nah, but thanks, girl (I kinda look up to you a bit tbh :iconnervous-laughplz:)
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Thanks for the fave  my Archangel Heart 
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You know on your Another anti-yaoi stamp by KitCat1903 makes you look like a complete cunt on the shit you say on their.

'You should go to bash crazed yaoi fangirls who think that every goddamn friendship/rivalty/parental relationship is gay!'
Promotes bullying.

'As I said in previous anti-yaoi pics - you (rabid yaoi fans) don't have right to flame! Let my anti-yaoi friends have freedom of speech!'
Shows you're a pathetic excuse of a hypocrite. You think you have the right to bash but you go around telling people to flame others? Not everyone is necessarily straight fool. Not to mention you baw saying every person who likes yaoi is insane. I don't like hetero, doesn't mean I make a rage quit stamp about it. Hating on yaoi/yuri doesn't make you better. In fact it kinda makes you look like a egotistical twit. Just saying, you don't know the characters sexuality. Oh by the way, I'm a male who likes it and acts sane about it. Frankly I feel it needs to be spread that people need to quit acting like they are better because they don't like something. What you said on your stamp outright makes you look like a fucking trashbag, grow the fuck up.
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JefftheKiller1101 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
Zdravo!!! (Ne zivim ja u Srbiji ali moja porodica cela zivi)
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Нема крста без три прста!!!
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Thanks for the llama! Hetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ 
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